Sandness: The Band History

Sandness is an Italian hard & heavy power trio with two lead singers, which has been around since 2008 and which gained a good success both in Italy and abroad over the last few years.
The band has released two albums worldwide on Sleaszy Rider Records – Like An Addiction (2013) and Higher & Higher (2016).
They also played as opening act for Tygers Of Pan Tang  (2015 and 2017), Reckless Love (2017), Hell In The Club (2017), L.A. Guns (2011)  and Adam Bomb (2010), and toured Europe multiple times, playing small venues and festivals in Latvia, France, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands.




Bass and Vocals

«Have I ever told you about…?»

My name is Mark and I was born in Rovereto on 25th October 1991. I graduated as an electrical technician in 2011 even if I don’t actually understand electronics. I’m glad I attended that school though, because that’s where I met Metyou (we’ve been in the same class for the first four years) and Robby. They’re not only my bandmates but also my best friends, so I can relate very well with both of them. I started playing bass at the age of 15 and in 2008 Metyou and I decided to co-form Sandness, so I taught him how to play the drums and he got much better than me at it. We played with great guitarists during the years, but Robby’s the only one whose dream was similar to ours. Now we are a trio and we’re into this adventure together. It takes a lot of energy and willpower to go on: I work with Metyou on the assembly line of a factory and it’s not so easy to get home from work and get ready for rehearsal or play a gig, and then get up at 5am again the next morning. I hope someday this path won’t be so difficult anymore and we will walk it more easily. Our fans help a lot, I love when people say they like our music because it means that there’s someone somewhere who recognised in the lyrics or danced to the sound, and as long as that this happens there’s a reason to keep on doing what we do.



Drums and Guns

«I’m hungry.»

I was born in Rovereto on 17th August 1991. I studied Electronics and Telecommunication at ITI Marconi in Rovereto, just as Mark and Robby did. I like eating, sleeping and partying and I have a special relation with beer. I also like gloomy days. Oh, and I love when the fans ask me to take photos with them! I work in the same factory as Mark for living (I hope not for much longer). I relate well with the band, we always go out together on the weekend and we have lots of fun, especially after a drink or two. We usually have a good time, but sometimes we have also to bear each other, which is not always so easy since we all have a strong personality. But we’re a war machine. On and off stage. We’re always ready to better what we’re doing and I hope someday we’ll be able to write a song that will be remembered (in a good way, of course!).




Guitar and Vocals

«Yeah Mark, you already told us.»

I was born in Rovereto on 4th October 1992 and I too graduated as an electrical technician. I’ve been working in a hardware warehouse since when I graduated in 2012. Playing the guitar is my passion, because I think that’s the best way to show the world who I am. I dream to compose a masterpiece of the contemporary music and even if it’s kind of commonplace that’s what I’ll keep dreaming of. I’ll always work hard to keep my dream alive. I’ve known Metyou and Mark for five years now and we’re like brothers. If I’m going through a tough moment I know I can count on them one hundred percent. Last year I got the band’s logo tattooed on my left shoulder and this will always be a proof of how hard we’re working and how much we’re growing together as a band and as friends. This strongly keeps us together and I really hope it will always do. As a tattoo, something undeletable and unforgettable!