Sandness: The Band History

Sandness is an Italian melodic hard & heavy power trio with two lead singers, and is the result of a project which traces its roots back to 2008, when the two high school friends and young musicians Mark Denkley and Metyou ToMeatyou (bass and drums respectively) first decided to form a hard rock band and write new original material.

Robby Luckets joined the band one year later as a lead/rhythmic guitarist. The band went through some line-up changes, and after 4 years spent as a four member band, it finally became a power trio in 2012, shortly before releasing its first official album.

Since their first release, Sandness toured Europe multiple times, playing small venues and festivals in Latvia, France, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the years, the band shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Adam Bomb (2010), L.A. Guns (2011), Tygers Of Pan Tang (2015 & 2017), Hell in the Club (2017) and Reckless Love (2017).

Sandness’ first demo Return To Decadence was released in 2010, followed by Life Without Control (2011).
The band’s first official album Like An Addiction was released worldwide in 2013 by Sleaszy Rider Records, which also published their second album Higher & Higher in 2016.

In 2019 the band signed a new record deal with Rockshots Records and is now ready to release the new album Untamed (2019) with a completely renewed and modern sound and eleven new catchy and sleazy songs!



Mark Denkley – Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals

Metyou ToMeatyou – Drums and backing vocals

Robby Luckets – Guitars, lead and backing vocals


Return To Decadence (2010) – EP (autoproduced)

Life Without Control (2011) – EP (autoproduced)

Like An Addiction (2013) – Full lenght album Sleaszy Rider Records

Higher & Higher (2016) – Full lenght album Sleaszy Rider Records

Untamed (2019) – Full lenght album Rockshots Records



from left to right: Robby, Mark, MetYou